How in Your Life Do You Practice Showing Up?

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I show up by going to a wellness test, that I haven’t studied for. I show up by standing up for what I believe in. I show up by coming to school, when I wanna stay home.

How in Your Life Do You Practice Showing Up?
i show up by being there for my friends and family when they are down and need someone to talk to about whats wrong.

i practice this abstract thing often by being there from friends and even sometimes strangers if they seem sad or bummed out i tend to try to help them in any way i can

I practice showing up by sometimes going out of my comfort zone to talk to others and appreciate how we connect. This helps me practice showing up and even helps others show up.

I try my best to “show up” in other peoples lives like if they’re sad, or if they just need help with something; moving, questions, etc. It could also be participating in class or showing up to school, work, etc.

I practice showing up by putting reminders on my phone or on my calendar so I will remember that I have to go to the event, I also like to set alarms before the event

I honestly feel this. I tend to practice for scenarios that may occur. But through out this year i never knew what was going to happen, and now i have to deal with a really tough situation that even though i don’t want to i have to show up. But i realize that when you show up even if it causes you so much pain it just shows how strong you really are as a individual. I myself have been through so much this year but no matter what i still show up, to school, to work and even family gatherings. Ive learned that life is like a puzzle and sometimes the piece doesnt fit, so instead of giving up you try as many times as u need to so it fits in place. just like showing up sometimes u dont want to because it doesnt feel right but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to fix it so you can show up.

i show up in life by being there and caring for others and sharing my appreciation towards life. and by telling stories of my experiences and i am there for anyone who needs

I show up at school and do the work. I pay attention. I ask for help.
I show up with my boyfriend. If he isn’t doing well, I don’t let him go off with pretending to be okay. I push for him to tell or comfort.
I show up at home. I come home early or right after school. I talk to my family. I eat supper. I talk about my day and my struggles.
I show up for J2H. I go to all meetings. I share my ideas. I help with projects. I do the work outside of the group.

I show up by making sure I’m home when I’m supposed to be, even though I don’t want too, it’s a respect thing for my family, they put the roof over my head. So out of respect showing up when told is a big thing for me.

I always show up to everything I am invited to and want to go to just to see if its something I would like or be able to do and if I don’t feel suitable I usually just leave but I try my hardest to fit in or find a way to do what is being done

I am lacking at showing up for anything if I am being honest. Although I am here most of the time I am never really here. I show up and complain and then leave. I find it hard to commit to things lately, and for the past two years I have really lost myself. I am a plane going on autopilot just along for the ride. I would love to show up to everything at the times I am supposed to and stay for the whole time. It is important to show up to exceed at the things I want to get better at. One day I will be at the place I was before everything hit the fan. I will push myself to stand up for me and show up to the most important of things going on around me. I will be stronger and I will show up. I will not be brought down by mistakes and my past anymore.

This whole article is about showing up, but honestly I don’t like putting myself out there, I don’t like to take the mask off. One day I would like to be able to show up, but I am guarded and don’t want people knowing my emotions. Taking off the mask is how I would like to show up, but I am not used to that, so I still have the mask on. I am more of an off to the side type of girl, I don’t like being in the center, I don’t want to show up. Showing up for me means seeking things that I don’t have, but I don’t know if I want them

Well at first i thought that showing up meant to show up to school ,parties,dance,basketball,ect… My thoughts on showing up to me means to put yourself out there and it’s like the presence of one’s self . I also think that it means that it’s time to grow up and protect your self from life, of people and just i guess life. i have problems showing up for these things but with help i’m succeeding.

I only really show up with my best friend. I am not truly me with anyone else or anywhere else. I fake most things, especially who I truly am. With my friends I speak my mind and I’m not afraid to be loud and out there, but without them I am small. I am only a mere presence with a cold touch. I am not fueled with fire unless I am doing something I am passionate about. I am like a dead body, and man do I wish I was there already. I can’t ever really be myself, because I am scared to let people in and for them to see what’s going on. I’ve done that a couple times with a couple people, and I was treated as a problem who didn’t belong where I was. I’ve been neglected and used, and I am still trying to heal from that to this day. The worst part about that, is I wasn’t only neglected by other people, but I also neglected myself. That has broken me so badly. That is why I have shown up in bad relationships with friends and “lovers”, but none of that is real. I don’t really show up ever, and to me that is okay, because I don’t want to show up in the world unless it has to do with music, political stance, or writing. If not I am going to hide in the darkness of my mind and fake everything till the day I go.

Honestly, I have places where I shouldn’t show up such as being in unhealthy relationships. I deserve way more than being treated like crap! I’ve always been treated with disrespect, especially in romantic relationships, and that is not okay. When I got mentally and physically abused, and not been treated right it and that was what I used to. Now, I have learned to take a step back, and just focus on myself.

when I started grade 9 I knew nobody but I always wanted to show up but I did not have the self confidence to show up to those things. but now that I am in grade 11, I have a lot of more friends than I did in grade 9. I am now at the point where I know how it felt to be in grade 9 and I purposely go down to the grade 9 “lounge” and I go there not to just make friends but to make them all safe and let them know that there will always be someone that will their friends. Also now that I am in grade 11 I can not be alone, I always have to be with someone or else I will feel left out or the way felt in grade 9.

I show up in many different ways. I show up in negative situations and positive ones. I show up within others and myself. I am involved in dreams and nightmares. I try my best to figure things out myself, but I often find myself being depended on others. I really try to be my best self, however things can be difficult. I realize that I try too hard in situations I shouldn’t and don’t try enough in important things. I may not be involved in much, but when I am comfortable I show up.

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