How do you deal with pre existing risk factors in a positive way?

I deal with some pre existing risk by not hanging out with old friends who talk about drugs/do them. Cutting those people out of my life helped me not get cravings as often.

Lack of commitment/skipping school will cause my grades to go down and also be likely to get me more in trouble. So I try my best to go to school everyday.

Going to church with my boyfriend and his family, there is a lot of caring people there that are willing to help and pray for everyone.

Some people with parents who neglect their children or abuse them in ways, most of the time the child would try to be a great parent to their kids and not do what their parents did.

I went through abuse/trauma in childhood until now, had no support and still have barely any support from parents or anything. I know it will affect my adulthood from not having the support from the most important people you thought would be there for you for anything.

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