How I Deal With Risk Factors in a Positive way

One of the risk factors I have is a lack of commitment to school. I always want to do anything other than go to school. This means everyday I wake up to my alarm at 7am wondering, “should I go?”

To deal with this risk factor in a positive way, I do my best to come to school everyday to feel a sense of belonging. This makes me feel that I am a part of the school, and that I am involved in making my school a better place.

Another risk factor I have now is a low neighbourhood attachment. I used to be great friends with many of my neighbours but we drifted apart throughout the years. Now all I do is give them a simple greeting if I see them.

What I could do to deal with this risk factor is to invite them over or ask if they want to hang out. It would be a good idea too if I went over to celebrate the holidays with them. This would make me feel connected, and I would have more friends. Having a safe neighbourhood with little crime is also a plus.

I also had the risk factor of being emotionally abused as a child. To deal with this in a positive way, I talk to others who I trust. I have my dad and sister who support and love me, and they take the time to listen to what I have to say.

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