Let’s look at it through a scenario. You just got assigned a project with a due date that seems to be years away. You say to yourself, “alright, let’s get this done.” Then, you have a shift in your thoughts and you ponder to yourself, “I have a lot of time, I could leave it for now. That won’t do much harm right?” Then the day goes by and you are staring at your project that hasn’t been done and it’s due the next day. This is considered procrastination.

If you happen to procrastinate, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle with it and how everyone deals with it is different.

Personally, I struggle with procrastination. Whenever I have a goal, I have the belief that I have a lot of time to finish that goal. Little do I know, a week to get something done goes by fast.

There are many ways to diminish procrastination. The way that I like to deal with it is to make a list of exactly what I need to accomplish. This helps me understand every detail of what needs to be done. I also put down the due dates to remind me when I need to get this done.

A way that my close friend deals with procrastination is getting rid of distractions or at least giving attention to them after their objective is achieved. These distractions could mean your phone, and how you want to reply to all your messages and browse on the internet, or pushing a time to hangout with friends to another day.

To get into a good mindset to deal with procrastination, I use many methods. To me I listen to music, draw, read, write, talk to others, or take a nap. This makes me motivated, and prepared. There are more ways to help, such as meditating, singing, dancing, taking a break, or having a nice meal.

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