How I deal with risk factors!

I internalize a lot of things, sometimes I do it short term which is okay, or I do it long term and it gets stressful which is not good. When my parents got divorced I was probably 6 or 7, and that really messes with a kid. As the years went on my mom started dating this guy and they fought all the time, he was also a alcoholic and it turned her into one also. It brought me back to the divorce. I had so much anger built up from everything and in English language arts last year I had the chance to let everything out, so I did. I wrote an essay on all of it. I made the mistake of letting my sister read it, and she ended up telling my mom. It created a lot of conflict and tension between my mom and I because it was never supposed to be for someone to read. When it happened it was bad, and when time went by I thought that we were getting closer and that things were getting better, but now that something has happened again, I am starting to question it again.

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