Dealing with risk factors

I have a bad habit of not dealing with risk factors properly. Like my stuff at home I keep to myself , but sometimes I’ll rant to my best friend so that I can make room for the big stuff and that way I can deal with it on my own. Also some of my past trauma causes me anxiety for being being alone at certain times, or doing certain things with people. For example I don’t go out at night by myself anymore and I only go with people I trust. Also with certain situations I try to leave anyway I can, or I tell myself I have to face my fears.

When it comes to addictions I have to tell myself everyday “You don’t want to go back to how you were. Your brain is just getting itself back together. Do not let yourself fall apart again!” I always miss the positives of how things use to be, but then I remind myself of all the negatives and how I hated living in that time of my life.

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