Risk Factor

The bad things in my life right now is that I have to redo ELA.When I was in grade 10 I was a person who would try hard and not do well in class. That will cause me to give up on myself and put myself down and not attend that class. That was a really bad choice cause then I had loads and loads of homework , and I was that person that would never ask a teacher just leave my homework aside.

How I deal with this today is I ask for help and now I have an amazing person to go to when I need help cause she’s an expert in ELA. And I have went to my ELA teacher during my first period art class cause that’s the only time she’s not teaching. And we would just go over the work I’m doing a ELA speech about anything and she helped me with correction or anything to make it perfect. And I also have a tutor to help me with any of my work mostly my ELA, overdo things , or assignments she just gave, or anything.

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