10 Things I love – Nic L

  • not scared to get hurt.
  • Loves sports.
  • Much rather hand on work rather then listening.
  • I like being cold all the time.
  • doesn’t sleep unless i have a fan on.
  • loves fishing.
  • loves hunting.
  • gets the job done as fast as i can but to the best of my ability.
  • i would rather work then be at school.

I was at work Saturday waiting for Adrian to bring the bale in with the bobcat, and if saw this calf. It was a tan calf; he had a blue tag that has SL38 in black lettering. And on the other side was a button looking thing it was yellow those are called CCIA tags that’s so anyone can identify its your calf he was really wet so I assumed he was getting worked up in a pen. for 4 days he wasn’t drinking, I thought I was because he didn’t know where to get the water so he went in and threw a lasso around his neck and took him to the water dish and i put his nose in the dish and then i took the rope off and he ran away and then Sunday when I was chasing cattle to the pen 306 i saw him drinking tag number SL38. I never found out why the rancher has his tag as SL 38 is SLAUGHTER calf 38 calf.

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