Ten Things – D.E.

One thing you should know about me is that im quite the comedian and i have a humour you would not believe , my gut busting humour is defenitly  something you should know!

I am a really big sports fan and sports player, i defenitly am sports and i wake up and eat breathe and sleep sports.

I have two siblings that are five and nine years old, echo  and cheyanne are my two loving siblings.

I have lived in moose jaw for sixteen years and soon to be seventeen on february 8th.

I am a huge lakers fan and my favourite player is lebron james

I have never broken a bone in my body , only dislocated.

I did a double backflip on a trampoline and went over the neighbours fence.

I was going to go to central but my father is the reason i attend peacock collegiate.

I once ate a bigmac in 4.35’s , it was unbelieveable. 

“ you have to be able to accept failure to get better” lebron james

 When i was 4 months old i used to go to my grandmas house all the time, one time i thought it would be a good idea and superman jump head first down the stairs and i cracked my eyebrow open on the table and needed a bunch of stiches, thats the only time i have had stiches.ck away from jaxson nancarrow, also right beside a graveyard.

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