popularity has always been a issue socially around the world people thinking there better then everyone else or labelling them calling them a “skid or a prep” these labels cause a lot of issues when it comes to meeting new people a lot of people label you the moment they meet you they will judge you by your clothes the way you talk and act and if something doesn’t align they’ll probably give you a bad label labelling is a really big issue and it is the cause of this “popularity” contest everyone’s trying to win some people use lies to make themselves fit in so people will like them when really everyone should get along and be happy with who they are instead of being something there not the affects of lying can lead to losing almost all of your friends and people not trusting you I have been through it. the rollercoaster that never stops collapsing once you mess up once everyone finds out today popularity is a big highlight of this generation and is the reason there is so much depression and suffering within teen lives everyone is on snapchat or Instagram flashing (money, chains, watches, cars,) and other people see that and look down on themselves cause maybe there to poor or not wealthy enough to have that stuff it messes with your head a lot of music in this generation also affects how people act when it comes to trying to “act” like something there not the music talking about being a shooter or a gang member talking about having big chains and doing a lot of drugs for fun messes with the teen brain and in some cases they start lying about stuff so much that they believe it which is another issue if you lie enough you will start to believe your own lies its been proved life has a lot of struggles but popularity shouldn’t be one of them we should be more worried about getting a job and living life then how much money is in someone’s bank or what brand there wearing the funniest thing about clothes brands is you could have 900$ shoes but the stores probably only paying about 100$ a pair or maybe even less by showing off your high value clothing your literally just showing you have no true understanding of money so in conclusion popularity is a big issue of 2020-2021!

it matters to me because popularity causes a lot of issues when it comes to fitting in and making friends and I mean without friends life kind of sucks and without people to hangout with life is slow and boring

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