I’m Passionate about…

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I enjoy empowering others by not putting them down but, encouraging people not to do anything that is negative for them. Also, help another person feel good about him or herself as I continuously express my appreciation for everything that person does for me. Including, finding ways to make a person(s) feel more valuable and important. Just like saying things to others that I would like others to say to me.

Being supportive of others simply because it not only gives me a sense of happiness but to see others feeling the same way. We all know that by helping others isn’t a one way street where I’ll do something good for someone, and then we both go about our way. My goal is to impact someone’s life positively, to feel a connection and being able to have a connection to that person. It helps to relieve stress for me as well as for the other person and if I continue to do this then hopefully people will feel like they belong, cared for, and know that they have purpose.

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