My Top Ten

  1. I Love Baseball Its My Favorite Sport.
  2. I Am Scared Of One Thing And That Thing Is Being Scared.
  3. The People Who Taught Me Are My Teachers And My Mom And Dad.
  4. I Am Smart, I Am Funny, I Am Persistent.
  5. I Love Soccer.
  6. I Think That High School Is More Intense Than Elementary School.
  7. I Like Myself For Who I Am.
  8. When I Was Only 3 Years Old I Climbed Up A Ladder When My Mom Wasn’t Around And When I Got To The Top I Turned Around And I Ended Up Falling Off Of The Ladder And Hit My Head On The Cement Sidewalk As My Mom Was Walking Out Of The Building That She Was In.
  9. I Like All Of My Friends And I Treat Them With Respect.
  10. By The Time That I Finish This School Year I Hope To Have Passed.

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