Social Justice Issues

Personally human rights is something I am passionate about. To be able to have the freedom to speak, to express and to share your thoughts. All around the world there is issues against all sorts of human rights from being a workers right to the rights of an education, women’s rights, to religion and ethnicity.

Every grown-up or student has a right to do a job, to make a fair wage and every person should have a right to access free education. Most importantly to have a fair and free world. There is nothing wrong with being able to say how you feel, or sharing your opinion on an idea or a statement unless it is going to hurt someone or something, but you can think otherwise, what my point is if someone had a different opinion then what you did, don’t shut them down and tell them their opinion doesn’t matter or that it’s wrong or irrelevant because everyone’s opinion matters.

I believe that this world should be filled with equality and fairness, no matter who you are, where you are from or how different you or your values are from others because thats what makes you, you and no one should feel ashamed about who they are.

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