Ms. Saas in 10+

I like warm fruit. Microwaved works.
My favourite food is apple cores. Also, aspen tree bark is fine.

I am scared of one thing.
I know how to put frogs to sleep. Later, they wake up. This does not work with toads.

The people who taught me the most are my dad and my daughter. My dad is the kindest and best of men. My daughter, the most caring. If I could be anyplace in the world right now it would be here, teaching, or hiking with my husband.

“Nervous means you want to play, scared means you don’t.” (S.A.)
Reading makes us smarter in all ways.

I am blunt. I am kind. I am honest. And. Truth.

I adore hiking.

I love the wind.

High school students are some of the wisest people I have met.

The year I was four, my parents built a log cabin by hand. 150 km north of Lac La Ronge. Mom and Dad fell and peeled each tree by hand. They brought the coal and wood stove over across the ice the winter I was nine. In the spring, Dad would take time off from teacher ( I have no idea how he managed this ) and off we would adventure, the two of us, to fish and to write, and to read, and to canoe in the north. There was always something for dad to build: a new cache for the equipment he and mom stored, an outhouse, a dock. The year I was 16, fishing on the rock, I watched red flames of fire send licks of fire-plumes over the tree line across the lake. We had smelt smoke when dad and I and our dog, Sam, canoed in the day before. We had heard of the fires in Alberta. I remember I ran for dad. By the time we both returned to the rock, the fire wind had caught the lake, curing the water. We had no way out. Our canoe could not manage the waves. Dad and I packed what was necessary. and we waited on the rock. Watching the flames dance above the tree line.

I love taking photos.

I love change. I am seldom still. I love to laugh, to love, to risk, to create, and to dream.

By June 2020 I hope to finish the first draft of my second book.

Feature image: personal collection.

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