Social Justice for Animals

I never actually tried to think about a social justice issue, but I recently started a job at Paws’N’Play which is also tied into Running Wild Rescue, I work with most of the animals that have been rescued especially the cats and rabbits. My boyfriend and I get sent to many places to pick up animals since his cousin is one of the owners of Paws’N’Play. Most of the animals that we pick up are either homeless or they are being abused. One of my best friends fosters the dogs that come in. Right now she has a dog named Honey, she is a pit bull. Everyone thinks that pit bulls are mean, but they are not, they are extremely sweet dogs. Honey was found by RCMP’s on the side of the highway with her other dog friend who unfortunately did not make it to see the next day. Honey was found starving and you could see all of her ribs, you could count them. Honey is a big inspiration, and that is why I’m choosing to do animal discrimination. I believe that it is easy to stop this, simply if you don’t have room for an animal in the home do not get any. Your animal is not your pet, it is part of your family. There are so many things we can do to help them out. Personally, since I work with the people that rescue them, one of the most important things I can do is to make sure the animals know that they are loved and that people do care. The rescue has fundraisers all the time for the animals and they are always big hits. We cannot control what people do, but we can control what we do, and we choose to help them.

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