What I’m Passionate About.

I’ve always been passionate about females working in the trade force such as welding, mechanics, auto body and anything you can become a journeymen for. I myself wanna become a journeymen for mechanics so I can open up my own shop. To show that females can do jobs that only “males” can do.

I still see some females that get shut down for trying to explore the trades and that’s why I as a female am stepping up for what I want, because its something I’m really passionate about. When I’m passionate about something I work for and I honestly don’t care about how many people tell me to stop or that this isn’t right, but I honestly don’t care because if it matters to me then I will work for it.

Becoming a journeymen and opening my own shop and showing other females is something that I am really passionate about. Because I’m not afraid to go into a mechanic/ auto body shop with all boys and I’m the only female because like I said when I’m passionate about something I work for it till I get it.

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