Social Justice

I’m very passionate about drug addictions, murdered people, police brutality and how our society and the system works. In my old community all those things are an everyday thing, which is not okay at all. There are a total of five people murdered since the start of 2020, and that’s only of the ones I know. That’s not including cases that are still under investigation, ones that are kept on a hush or even the ones from last year. These people died because there’s hate filled within our veins. Everyone has hate within them, because that’s how we are raised and what we grew up with. Teens defying laws and even school, because they feel like they don’t have much control in their own lives. I know this because I was one of them. I ran with the wrong crowd, always broke rules and laws, I never went to school. When you do what you want it gives you a sense of power, but it is the wrong way to achieve it. We are not taught that when we do bad things we’re trying to fill a need, and we are also not taught how to fill that need in a positive way. There was one teen that was attacked by police when they already had him in cuffs. The family tried to fight it, but of course there was no real punishment for the police. Situations like that fill people with anger, because they are not getting the justice they need or deserve. Police will charge and arrest teens for smoking, underage drinking and even petty theft, but fail to get people who commit real crimes. For example one murderer got off with a couple months in juvie and probation. These things have been going on since man created oppression.

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