Social Justice

Body image everyone has their own opinion but most of the time they want a skinny girl with a nice butt and boobs and no gut. But when we sit our tummy is going to roll but it’s okay with a skinny girl. i’m talking mostly about the plus size people who get so much negativity for being bigger. and when they sit they just look like ” whale” but we think we look fine but deep down all the non plus size people are judging us.

When a bigger girl walks down the hallway we look skinny when we stand but when we sit that’s a whole different story. people and doctors will tell you “you need to go on a diet” or ”you need to lose weight”. but what people don’t know is how bad those comment actually hurt. When we’re walking down the hallways and people will say nasty comments and names. for example…pig, fatty, giant or even when you walk the floor shakes…not the floor or the world shakes, and that’s why plus size people will usually hide their bodies and what they look like. I believe that we should be kind and not judge people for who they are.

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