Social Justice – Drugs

I don’t really think about these sort of things often but there is a big drug problem in Moose Jaw and just around the world. The only reason I feel the way I about this is because my family was affected by hard drugs early in my life. My dad went to prison because of it, but he’s completely fine now. But because of hard drugs I wasn’t able to see my dad for several years and was the reason we moved to Moose Jaw from Calgary. I feel like that’s kind of the reason I don’t do any drugs or get drunk. I think that we need more people to help teach other people about mental health, because mental health is usually the reason people turn to hard drugs. But I don’t feel like there should really be counselors because people usually don’t like them, and it makes the people with mental health feel like they’re the problem. If we teach kids they can help there friends and people usually listen to there friends.

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