I love basketball

I love basketball. I love the way the ball fits perfectly in my two hands. I love creating ever lasting friendship with my teammates. I love waking up early to go to practice. I love putting on my jersey before a game, all the pressure, the audience in the stands cheering as my team comes out of the locker took. I love looking up at the score board and watching the score go up and the clock go down. I love hearing the buzzer. I love driving to the net for a lay-up. I love going out with my team after a game or practice. I love long car rides to tournaments with my team, carpooling all the way. I love hearing my shoes squeak on gym floors. I love when my coaches yell from the bench. I love splashing water on my face after playing hard in a practice, game, or tournament. I love all the pressure when it’s the last few minutes of a close game. I love getting away from reality and having my head fully in the game. I love basketball.

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