social justice around me

At my school I see a lot of social justice issues but I never see anyone stand up for it. A lot of the time people stereotype other students for their skills based on the color of their skin, which is considered racism.

An example of racism that I see around my school is if a colored person were to do well on something, others would make a joke “its because of their religion” or “its because their black” whether its a joke or not, you’re still stereotyping other people because of where they are from or what color they are, typically I see this in sports or in certain subjects at school.

If a colored person were to play basketball and they were good at it, most people would think it is because of their skin, but it’s not. It’s actually based on technique and skills that you develop, it’s about practicing and understanding the game. I see this one a lot. If an individual was good at math, or any other subjects they would think its because of their race/religion, people aren’t smart because of their race. they are smart from genetics, intelligence, and because they have the commitment to learn.

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