My act of kindness

For my act of kindness I listened to what my friend had to say because when your with a group of friend (especially with guys) you don’t really talk about your feelings. One of my friends didn’t really have anyone to talk too, and he was a pretty big tough guy so getting him to talk was tricky but eventually I cracked him and he started talking. It’s funny how similar and how different we are. He never talked to much about his past unless it was to joke about something. So to get him to talk I talked about myself and relatable yet tragic things that happen with kids now a days (in a normal way not just randomly) so he wanted to talk about himself because people want to talk about themselves and what they’ve struggled with but we don’t do it and instead wait for an opportunity to do it so I gave home one. We talked about a lot and now me and him are even closer than ever.

did it make a big change? It wasn’t solving world hunger or something but having someone listen to him was a big thing for him. And every little bit helps like picking up garbage or being nice to someone. Did it cause lasting social justice? For him it did because now he has someone to talk to witch everybody should have

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