What I am Passionate About

I am passionate about many things. I haven’t really thought about it until now. There are probably millions of things as I start to really think about it. I am probably the most passionate about three things. Women’s rights, animal cruelty, and racism. Women’s rights are important to me not only because I myself am a female, but also because it is something that has been a fight for as long as there have been humans on earth. I feel like as a society we should be more inclusive when it comes to women’s rights. We should be embracing the fact that women want a chance to do all of the things that men have been doing for years or at least have the chance to try. I would like the same opportunities to be everything a man can be. I am just as strong, wise, smart, and powerful as any man. I stand up for all women anyway and anywhere i can. It only works if we all stand together though. You have to be brave and just speak your voice whenever you can so that they know that it is not okay to put you down just based on your gender. I am also an advocate for animal rights. I believe that animals are here for joy and love and companionship and if we take advantage of that then we are not worthy of having those types of creatures in our lives. We should be protecting the animals as much as we can not abusing the fact that we can harm them with more things than they can protect themselves with. I hate it when animals suffer or when they are being mistreated. It is definitely my biggest pet peeve. If you cannot take proper care of an animal no one will judge you for giving them up to someone who will give them the care they deserve. Do the right thing and take extra care when deciding whether or not you want a pet or if you are going hunting or if you see an animal suffering. The last thing I want to touch base on is racism and this is also a battle that has been going on forever. The way I look at it is no matter what color we are our organs do all of the same things, we all breathe the same air, and we all have the same emotions. It should not matter if we are black, white, yellow, brown, rainbow. Different or not we are all capable of being the same in every way. I stand up for racism not only in my community but all over the place mostly online but in anyway I can. I myself have felt the hardships and difficulties that come with racism since I am First Nations. I was bullied a lot for my skin color and my race and culture. I actually wished that one day God would make me white like everyone else. I know now that being First Nations is just as special as being white and I honestly wouldn’t trade my culture for anyone else’s. I am just happy to be alive and I would never judge anyone based on their appearance or beliefs. We were all put here for a reason we should not be so cruel to people. I feel like all of these things that adults fight so hard for are something that was created by older people. We are not born with these fears or chosen sides we learn them and adapt to what others tell us.

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