Ms. Montgomery in 10+

Who am I? Not an easy question.

I know that I am so much more than what I was at a younger age. Life has made me stronger, wiser, and humble.

I am a mom and a teacher-most days they are one and the same.

I love literature, camping, and watching my children find joy. When they are happy, I am as well. When their hearts break, mine is destroyed.

I dislike life’s cruelties, closed mindsets, and anything that breaks one’s spirit. And black olives. For some reason I dislike those too.

I grew up in poverty and less than ideal circumstances. When I say I understand, I mean that I really understand. I don’t scorn my childhood and youth but rather embrace it. It created the person I am today.

I value people, not things. Compassion, not indifference. Giving, not taking.

I remember as a child catching tadpoles by the bucket and carefully climbing up to the roof of our house and placing them where the sun would warm them. I remember my mother’s constant struggle to keep us safe and protected. I remember her love in its purest form; a love I could never truly comprehend until I held my own children close to my heart.

I believe kindness changes lives.

I believe we can and should make a difference.

I believe in you.

Feature image: personal collection.


You are so strong and amazing! I’m so glad you are not only a teacher but a mom figure as well to me. You have taught me so many important things like, and helped me to find myself.

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