Ayreon in 10+

My favourite colour is yellow. It makes me feel hopeful. If I have a bad day, yellow gives me hope for a better tomorrow.

I love my friends and family. They support me and understand the stressful situations I go through. I enjoy spending time with them and I also support them.

While I love spending time with friends and family, I also like to spend some time by myself. It allows me to focus on myself and only me.

Something I struggle with is anxiety. It makes me struggle with my daily routines, especially in school and in other social situations. I have methods to deal with anxiety, and I always remind myself that I’m not alone with this.

Learning is an exciting thing to me. I view it as an opportunity to expand my skills, opinions and overall make me into a experienced individual.

I like reading, from novels to manga. I enjoy many genres like sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, thriller, and much more.

I love playing videogames. I have many gaming consoles, and I especially love to play multiplayer games with my friends and family.

Drawing is fun, I like the idea that you could draw anything that pops into your mind. Yes I will admit, art is hard.

I appreciate nature. I find that most of it is gorgeous, and I especially love ponds with lily pads, moss, and a fresh smell. Can’t forget the frogs who stare at you with those…. beady eyes.

Fashion is enjoyable to me. It’s a fun experience to look on the internet and see what current trends are. I like to make outfits with the clothes I have. Maybe this could lead to a designing career?

I used to play with my cousins when I was 4 years old on a merry-go-round. Many things could go bad or good, someone falls off and gets hurt, or my cousins would refuse to push the merry-go-round. The good thing about this is that in the end, we learned how to take turns, and have sympathy for each other.

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