Where I’m most grounded

The place I feel most grounded is my bedroom. I always feel safe and comfortable when I’m alone in my own space, and I always have peace and quiet. It has everything I need to stay occupied and comfortable and everything that makes me happy as well. My room is large, but it’s full of all of my interests and collections! I have a lock on my door if i need my space or privacy, furthering my sense of comfort. While my bedroom is safe for me, it may not be safe for others. For some, their room isn’t secure, or they may have to share it with other family members. For others, their room may be their only place to hide from dangerous situations. For me, the clutter and colours are a huge aspect of my comfort. If I’m ever stressed I like to look at or clean my collections, or take in all of my decorations and posters. My room is the place I feel my best in.

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