Where is my safe place?

The place I’m most grounded isn’t a place or a person but a time of day. At 5:30 am when the sun is just rising and you can hear the birds chirping is a rare time for me to be up but when I am, I feel at peace with myself and the world. 5:00-5:30 am is my safe space, swinging on my porch swing and sitting in silence doing nothing but breathing in and out rhythmically is my safe spot where I feel every ounce of calm flowing through my veins, almost like I’m paralyzed. The crisp morning air hitting my lungs and flowing through my hair has to be the most soothing ambiance in the universe. 5:00 am is my safe space, the tranquility at 5:00 am is so profound it brings me to tears some mornings. The escape from the chaos of the world when no one is awake and you can be alone in your own little world is the most gentle feeling, like mother nature herself is cradling you in her arms and lulling you back to sleep. 5:00 am is my safe space.

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