About me (Taylor)

With my pens and pencils I create my own stories, with my paintbrush I can paint my walls full of my destiny. For I am an artist. I am person who struggles through out the day, just to go home to moan and weep as I fall asleep. I am a very kind and loving person to those who are not deserving. I can be a strong person for those I care about but, weak when I need strength most. I pull up my big girl pants to show guys that YES I can weld and YES I can work on vehicles and NO I wont back down. I love the mess I am apart of and that mess is my family I like seeing things from another perspective. I am a victim of sexual assault and harassment.


” We all make mistakes but that is why we also write in pen and not pencils “

A couple years ago, after my granny’s husband, Ernie passed my granny Hanson wanted to bring the scooter he was using back to her place in Regina. So one day I went to Regina with my sister, granny Hanson and my grandma Sandy. Me and my sister were driving around on the scooter and we had to go to the back of the house to put it inside. Eventually my sister and I made it to the back, we had to drive up the ramp in order to get it in. My sister and I were strapped on the scooter together with a seat belt strapped around us. We got near the ramp and I told my sister that I was going to just go fast and hope for the best, my sister being the scared person she is said ” um no we are going to get hurt.” Suddenly with out warning I just went full speed and the my sister decided to hit my arm which was control where we going and eventually we tipped over and after my sister hit her head we started laughing uncontrollably and crying because we were scared of getting in trouble. A few minutes later my Grandma Sandy came and asked what the hell was going on, so we tried explaining and then she told us to help her pick up the scooter before granny came out because then we would be trouble. My granny Hanson still has no idea.

By June 2020 I hope to be graduating with high grades.

Feature Image; My Mural. (personal collection)

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