bozzy things about me

  1. im in cadets
  2. I am a really chill person
  3. my name is corbin boczkowski my nic name is bozzy
  4. I plan on joining the navy then jtf2
  5. you can ask me qustions about the navy or cadets
  6. I like cars and ships
  7. I keep to myself unless your a really good friend
  8. me and my brother are going into the navy as boatswains
  9. I work on a ranch
  10. I like horses

Navy is family, cadets is life, so the one time, when I was 13, I was working on a ship with the cadet program and when we got to our destination we got to practice asd which means abandon ship drill so we did that and we were arguing on who would go first so my one friend said he would and he did but when he did the buffer looked at him and said I never new there was so many girls on the ship

by december 2019 i will share my feelings when im upset in a respectful manner

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