PMU: 10 Things About Me

Use proper proper pronouns

Poetic terms dance through my brain

Music, a concentrating tool or a boogie on the walk home

My love taking up my free time

Plan on escaping this town of all known faces

Sarcastic comments leave my lips

Intoxicated looking steps on my walks home

Journey To Hope a passion

Goofy at right and sometimes wrong moments

Last but not least,

I am on search for “Melody”.

If you are out there,

I ‘d love to hear from you.


When I was in grade 9,

He chased me down the street

Dragged me by the ear

Then by arm

I cried and screamed

911 dialed

But police officers

“Just go home. HE is in the right”

Broken dreams

But strength gained

My Goal

By December, 2019, I will be able to tell the people I care about what I need from them and communicate with me.


“Think it’s about time they trade the clout for sobriety” – Nothing, Nowhere

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