My Resiliency


In the world, I have a very childlike curiosity, I am easily entertained, and will always switch to questioning what caused something. But, no matter what I’ll always try and laugh about whatever it may be. I’ve always been very curious about everything, how things came to be, how the world was made, how humans were created, etc,. and although I may not have an answer to it myself, I’ll try and think of something, laugh at it, and move on. I’ll always experiment; I’ll ask questions to different people getting a new perspective and trying to see through their eyes to learn different things, find different ways, and make it all make sense. Although, things may have happened in the past causing problems I’ll move on, I know it happened, I know why it happened. But, I’ll try and move forward, persevere past ehatever it may be. Because we shouldn’t dwell on the past, we should move on, and think of the present and future as that is the most to worry about, as your actions may not have consequences in the past, but the future when things get out you’ll have problems, so don’t think of what it could do now or in the past, what mark it’ll leave, think about how it could screw up your future, a little mistake and you could forget what you did and be curious why no one will hire you, why no one will talk to you, because you automatically think of “it won’t matter” when in reality it has a huge impact.

So, in resiliency, I am curious; always have been. Always will be.

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