my resilience

I believe I am resilient because of my humor, I cope with and get through tough times with humor. My humor has not only helped me but also my friends and family through hard times. I like to make things feel less tough and dark by making the conversation lighthearted and fun but still talking about the things that need to be said. For example, if I lost a pet that could either lead me to fall behind and get sad or I could think of the good times and joke about them with people and make it less scary to think about because guess what, you can’t live a perfect life, not everything is going to go well so you have to learn how to cope with the bad things with coping mechanisms like humor. The only way to “fix” the problem is to cope with it and realize the truth and that will help you get over it. Humor is my coping mechanism What’s yours?

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Honestly, yeah. Humour is great. Nothing keeps me going more than a good joke. And another wonderful thing about it is that you get to enjoy so much in life. It’s so easy to just… laugh, even when no one else finds it funny.

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