Jonah in 10

First off hi I’m Jonah and my life is full of many different things that are special and distraught, but I’m me and that’s good.

1- A important part of me would be Minecraft that I’ve been playing for 47.1~%(sorta) of my life and it’s not just a game it’s tool in my life that I’ve used for a number of things in my life; stress reliver, creative outlet, etc… it’s a big part in my life, I’ve played over 900 hours on the switch alone, let alone my ps3 about 2 years and the computer where I’ve played the most for years.

2- As a child I was always told my creativity is my strongest asset, and I try to never let it go to waste in my day to day life, every opportunity I get I use my creativity as much as I can.

3- Another part of my creativity is what I’ve created with it, the stories, artworks, songs, games, characters, which are some of my favorite ideas, one of my favorite stories that I’ve made is called Underminds a story about a criminal organisation. I play D&D a lot of and create plenty of ideas and homemade stuff for it too, and though my voice is okay I try to use it for singing, voice acting and etc… and hopefully I plan to make a career out of my creativity.

4- Though I might not be the best at drawing I do try to improve and design drawings when I can, and make characters that are more than just colours and lines. My one weakness in drawing is human anatomy, but my favorite things to draw are “monstrous creature” cute and wired.

5- My family and friends are great, though there has been some hiccups but for the most part it’s good. My friends and I have had some great times together and I try to make friends with people when I can.

6- Another game I like to play is D&D and for the most part I DM and I’ve been working on a Campaign for the good part of 3 years. Though I have made a number of other campaigns and one offs with my own unique features/mechanics thrown in (which are good), my main focus in D&D is to tell a good story and people having fun.

7- My childhood was a good one, as a kid I use to play outside a lot more than I do now but things are much different to back then, so many adventures I had and still do now a days just not as much. I probably fell out of at least 5 trees.

8- A challenge I face in life is one that not many people see in me, but if you were to look closely you would see it, it’s nothing to serious like suicide, cancer or depression though I rarely get depressed I’ve had my days, but my problem is one that plays a big part in my life ever since childhood and it’s only grown but I didn’t know what it was then but now I know.

9- I have two pets a cat and dog, the cat’s name is Kitty Kitty and she is alright somedays she can be a handful but she a cat so, and my dog’s name is Copper he is a very good boy though he is a big territorial baby.

10- In April I went to Italy for nine days and it was an amazing experience and I took about 2,700~ pictures while I was there and I traveled from Milan to Venice to Bologna to Florence to a few more place that I can’t remember off the top of my head and finally Rome, we even visited the Vatican too.


I love the fact that you’re creative I love drawing and singing and everything! It is amazing being able to express yourself through your words or drawings. Especially if you need a vent!

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