My 10 Things

I like video games, especially shooter games because they are entertaining.

My favorite food is ribs because the meat is super good and has a real nice texture and delicious.

I am scared of spiders because they are creepy and they bite.

I know how to bike and do some tricks but not on high things.

Everything happens for a reason.

I am kind, chill, funny, honest.

I really like parkour and biking.

I really like trees because they are why we breath and they are cool.

I was only five when me and my family had lived on a farm. We had a blast feeding horses and quadding and other things. My family and I had wanted to buy the house, but we couldn’t afford the price the homeowner had offered. Sadly we had to move to a city which I was not really familiar with. Eventually I got used to the city and I made some friends. I made a new hobby: biking. I would bike for an hour and then rest by playing video games. I really miss the farm but I love the city.

I like climbing trees cause your adrenaline runs and its fun.

I like jokes, laughter, and i like to talk.

photo credit: Ms Saas’s personal collection

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