Alexxa Cole

i am terrified of worms.

i am a picky eater

i have a very strong relationship with my brothers.

i love doing laundry.

i wish i could be a public speaker.

i love the smell of bleach

i am shy, but that all depends on my day.

i can’t sit still.

i am obsessed with my dog.

i ran a golf cart in to one guys truck.

quote: “Your future needs you. Your past doesn’t”. M.R.

memory: When Rykr, my brother played hockey in Spokane, Washington. My family and i decided it was a good idea to go down there and visit him, while he’s there playing hockey. We stayed in a very nice hotel. We went out for a big supper, went to a movie they had reclining chairs. We had a such a great time there, seeing all my family, and seeing all the great things in the city. After the few days was over, it was time to go home. We came down in the middle of winter, biggest mistake that we made. It was storming and it had been for days. As we left we got stuck in a pile of traffic, mostly semis, for hours. The roads were so bad, and we’re we were just wanting to get home. they weather had other plans for us that day though. As time went on we were driving so very slow because there was so many backed up vehicles, and we had to drive so slow. On the way home it started to get better and we were all finally relaxing and not hesitant about waiting in traffic. When we got just a little bit out of Montana, we all thought we were out of the cachous, but then we got slid in to by a car at a red light. My parents were livid, lucky it wasn’t to the extreme where the vehicle was totalled, but we had to get a new bumper, so that was at least a bright side of the story. We drove the rest of the way home, everyone was tired and annoyed with everything that had went on, on this miserable trip back home. At the end of the few days it took to get home, we finally made it, and i’ve never seen my family that happy to get out of a vehicle.

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I love the whole Smell of bleach, cause I love the smell of earthiness after a rain, and while I’ve sorta been a public speaker cause of my time acting on stage, its good to hear that and I bet you’ll make a great public speaker, and it’s good to hear you all made it home safely, I know how harsh winter driving can be, like the one time I almost drove into those new mailboxes.

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