Michael My 10 Things

I like to play minecraft.

My favourite thing to do is to hang out with my friends.

My favourite food is cheese pizza.

My Favourite colour is blue.

My favourite quote is “If One Day speed kills me don’t cry because I was smiling” by Paul Walker.

My favourite shoe is from puma.

In my grade 8 year i was in gym class and we were playing bench ball and I fell off the bench and split my leg opened and we had to take me to the hospital and I had to get 7 stitches I couldn’t play outside for 10 days and I couldn’t do gym i was so bored. I was at Joe’s place on a tuesday night for supper i was playing gogga ball and I fell on the ball and split my leg opened again so we went to the hospital and didn’t get in the room until 10:50 and the doctor didn’t come in until 11:11 when I finally got my stickers and it was 11:30. My grade 9 , 10 year was going ok until I found out my grandpa’s sister died then I started not listening  in class I was way too distracted so I failed ELAB10 so I had to take it again in grade 11.

My favourite movie is the New Lion King.

By December 11th 2019 I will stay on task in all my classes. 

Photo credit: Personal Collection

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