Abigail 10 things

I like soccer, but I like it more in the rain. My favourite position is goalie, but defence works fine.

I’m scared of two things. I can whistle like a bird, but I don’t like them. I prefer snakes.

I love my friends the most. Brooke and Kaitlynn have supported me through everything and never gave up on me. If I could live with one of them, it would be Brooke.

“If money’s where you find happiness, you’ll always be poor” (NF)

I am kind, I am honest, I am brave, I. Am. Me.

I obsess over Nf

I love my hoodies, they make me happy.

Some of my nicknames are: Abby, Abs, Ibby, Abble

When I was young, I was in the bath. There was a fire across the street from where I lived. The firefighters told us that we needed to evacuate, so my mother got me out of the bath and dressed. We closed the store and took me outside. We were waiting for my aunt to come get me, and some boy was playing in my yard on my swing set and I got really mad. When I left I didn’t see my parents for almost two weeks.

I am a photographer, I take pictures for fun.

By December 2019, I will identify adults inside and outside school that I trust.

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