I love my family. family is life

I like to read. I read the back of the book if it sounds interesting i’ll read it

I have freckles

I have hazel eyes

I have two dogs and one cat

I have two sisters

Watermelon is my favorite food

I love video games

I love nature

I love camping. With people I love

Love is the strongest thing in this world

The first time I went on a plane was really cool.   I was 10. There's this program that i'm part of called the leadership program, run by the Tim Horton's foundation. I became part of the program because in Elementary I was with a mentor and he signed me up for the program. I went to Alberta.  The camp's name was Kananaskis. I got on the plane and sat beside someone I didn't know. I had the window seat that was so cool. I looked at the view when I was high in the air. 
I like planes

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