Keanu in 10

Hi my name is Keanu and my favorite sport is basketball and all i wanna do when i get older is get a good job and play basketball because basketball is all i am good at, and i just wanna keep getting better every single day because i think that’s my thing to do until i pass on because i just love the game basketball and no one can tell me different. Basketball is like my family sport not really but family to me is everything i love family because if i didn’t have family i’d have nothing. my family protects me from getting sick and they make me feel safe they help me feel better if i am sick or not feeling good. my family motivates me to go to school if it wasn’t my family i wouldn’t be coming to school. School for me is very important to me now because i just want to get school over and move on with life, i push myself everyday to be at school or anything because if i don’t start pushing myself now in the future i probably be nothing no job and i don’t want that i want the best for and my mom does to because she knows what’s good for me or what’s not good for me because if it wasn’t for my mom i wouldn’t know what to do. But i do i have a great job my grandma will help me get better at my job, she will push me to better at whatever i do. Well that’s pretty much all about me love my family love basketball and every day i wanna push myself and motivated others has i do to myself


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