What the Future Brings

I love spicy foods. Especially spicy chicken. 

My favourite food is pasta with spicy chicken and alfredo sauce. 

I am fearful of growing up. 

I love bright colours. 

I like to spend my time writing. 

I am honest and loyal to the people around me. 

I love helping my peers and anyone who is in need of help. 

One thing that terrifies me most about life is not knowing when it is going to end- I always live my life like there is no tomorrow. 

I look forward to what the future brings and where I end up later in life. 

My friends and family are very important to me no matter the distance between us. 

One quote that I live by is, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” 

By June 2020 I believe I will be successful in school. 

8 months ago my best friend moved away. On one of her last days in Moose Jaw, we went to Regina and had a girls day. We went shopping, we got our nails done, then ate supper and we spent all our money. This was one of the best days we had together. I miss her more and more everyday. She pushed me to be a better person and to do good in school, as well as many other things. I will forever remember every moment we spent together, talking and laughing.” 

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