Allyas in +10

My name is Allyas Gauthier.

I am an athlete, I am in love with the game of basketball.

I am a son and a friend, I love my parents and my friends, they are the reason I am how I am.

I dislike tomatoes, they are gross, and squishy, and slimy, and red, and gross.

I love shrimp, it’s so good. It’s my favourite food.

I hate big spiders, they terrify me. But if they’re small I’ll smack the heck out of them.

I love biking, especially when it’s night time. It’s so peaceful, It calms me.

I love music, it motivates me.

I like drawing, I like making doodles on the side of my paper that makes me laugh.

I’m not growing up with a lot of money, but I try and work with what I got. Sometimes I get jealous when I see people with really expensive stuff. But I try to remember that I should be grateful that I have what I have.

When I was really young I knocked over a paint bucket and paint splattered all over my grandparents new carpet. I tried to run away and hide behind the couch, and I did. But little did I know as I was running to the couch was leaving little footprints in the paint on the ground. My grandparents obviously found me and I got in trouble, they still bug me about it today.

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