10 things about myself

my nice calming personality,

i have a bucket hat as blue as the ocean,

my dirty blond hair looks like ramen noodles,

always have earbuds in,

usually with a bright smile on my face

my awkward funniness that shows out of nowhere

with my ability to share experiences of my life and help people out

i am proud of who i am!

i have lots of helpful insight

and my ability to understand and perceive life with different perspectives.

“we aren’t humans having a spiritual experience but we are spirits having a humanated experience.”

my goal for this year is to communicate more with understanding and to graduate this year!

once i was sitting there and i was worrying about something i was super anxious and at a low frequency but out of nowhere i stopped thinking and the only thought that came to mind was why am i even focusing on these thoughts? then i started to question my life more and got deeper with those questions then after that i asked myself a very life defining question “who am i really?” “who is aware what im thinking?” and suddenly i felt like everything that was holding me back in life all these traumas, labels and everything i’ve fallen from and i felt like i was completely one with the universe i felt free of thought i felt free of judgement i felt free of negative self beliefs and since then i view life so much differently i research more i read more i meditate more and i respect more i see the beauty in the universe because i am the universe!!!!.

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