Iris – This is Me

Throughout my childhood I’ve encountered emotional neglect from adults that surrounded me with violence, criminal activity, exposed to all sorts of dangerous chemicals and substances that were harmful. Then being in the system always moving to different foster homes and schools. So, many people have came in and out of my life leaving me broken. I had completly no one around to teach me right from wrong, nor did I have positive influences. I’ve gone most of my life feeling hollow, insecure and low self- esteem, lonely, not enough, and just wanted to be loved and cared for by others. I lost patience with waiting around for something I thought wouldn’t come and that is my purpose in life. That purpose is to help other teenagers feel needed, loved, and to be guided in the right direction. With all life’s hardships has taught me a great deal of resilience and strength to keep fighting through each day.


I want to tell you that it sounds like you have come a long way while living in the situation you’re in and I want you to know, I am proud of you. I know it probably doesn’t mean much but I know life is hard. Yours, harder than mine but I have my struggles too. These struggles in life make you the person you are and I hope you grow into a beautiful flower. Honestly, already sounds like you have began to blossom. Sometimes, you’ll wilt but if you blossom the next day or even in the next month, you have done amazing. I wish you luck through your journey in life. 🙂

Wow. You are such a strong person, the fact that you have been through what you have, and you keep your head so high. You are wanting to help others as well. So amazing.

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