Shane in +10

  1. I’m a grade 12 student that attends Central Collegiate, I don’t like school that much and find that homework assigned is pointless.
  2. Physics and Mathematics interest me. Learning how things work with equations is one of the things I like about these two.
  3. I’m anti-drugs and alcohol. Even for the smallest things I don’t even bother doing them. Beneficial or not.
  4. I like some jazz music, not all.
  5. My dream job would be a physicist.
  6. I live with my brother and my mom.
  7. I’m interested in the human origin and the consciousness. I would like to explore the mysteries of human life, how and where did it come about.
  8. I’m interested in the universe and time. How they coexist and made up the entire expanding universe.
  9. One of the few places I would like to visit would be Europe. Especially Norway or Denmark.
  10. People view me as a wise person with an open viewpoint.

One of my memorable childhood moments was, my friends and I riding our bikes around small parts of the city exploring it. During the summer, we used to go to a house on Oxford street and pick some sweet green apples from a tree. After picking these green apples we would go back to my house in which where we would cut open the green apples and put a coat of sugar on top and have it as a little snack.

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