10 facts about Rose

I’m a student that goes to Central Collegiate. I find school hard at times but sometimes I really enjoy it especially when I get to see my friends.

I love hanging with friends and being out of the house as much as possible, and if I didn’t have a curfew I’d be out forever.

A few things that are important to me are family, my pets and friends, especially friends because they are a big part in life and they make me happy when I’m around anyone of them

Growing up was fun but it was also kinda tough because my parents split up and we always had to go back and forth from Mom’s to Dad’s and we had to deal with babysitters alot and some of them were not that nice.

I’m a triplet and I have 6 siblings so at home was pretty crazy, I remember one time my brothers and I alway woke up early all the time, but we got into the snacks and cereal and made a huge mess and called my Dad, he thought we were home alone, even though we weren’t, so he called the cops and when they showed up we all got scared and cried so they gave us a stuffed animal.

I like to listen too indie/pop music, but no one likes that type of music except a couple of my friends.

Some of the things that drive me crazy are when my brothers come into my room to annoy me and then I have to yell for them to get out and when they leave, they don’t close the door or when someone spills water on the floor and doesn’t clean it up and then my socks get wet.

I like to play piano and ukulele

I’m a very awkward and clumsy person, like falling up the stairs type of clumsy… It’s kinda embarrassing

Overall I’m a happy and outgoing person with great friends to support me.


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