Leigh in + 10

Life was never hard for me until I started realizing who I am as person. I believe the world is hard on those who view the world differently than others. But I do think I am strong and that I will continue to grow through what I have been through. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend in need. I am very shy, but it’s also very easy to crack my shell and see the real me. I dislike people who only think about themselves in certain situations, people who lie, and don’t care about others feelings and thoughts. I like when people listen, it makes me feel better when I’m being heard out. I love being around people who can understand and relate to me in some ways, people who give off good vibes. 

I am caring, kind, will & can be a shoulder to lean on. I am often misjudged. Others may think I’m rude by my facial expressions, but you should never judge someone without getting a chance to know them. 

What’s important to me is my family, and friends. I would do anything to make sure they are safe and  reassure them that they are loved. 

My biggest goal in life at this very moment is to graduate. I never got to see my two older brothers graduate because they didn’t think school was important, but to me it is. I now have the thought  that my sister isn’t going to graduate either, but I do have faith in her. Not only that, but the thought of myself not graduating is always in my head. The past 3 years of highschool so many people had told me they thought I was gonna be the first to stop coming to school and that I wouldn’t make it, but honestly I don’t think I could ever stop coming to school but I am not one to judge others who have. To be completely honest I do find some of the work in school difficult and not needed. I have no motivation to attend but I try my hardest to do so, that’s why I am thankful I got the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing  program. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings to me and the other students. 

When I was younger I remember every summer, my family and I would take trips to Manitoba to see most of my family that lives there. We would set up tents in the backyard of my aunt’s house and sleep there as if we all were camping. We would take all the dogs on walks and play games with the other kids that were there. Most of the time everyone got along. There was a really neat river not too far from where we were staying and we would always go up there and have picnics, and put our feet in the water. If I could relive any moments in life it would definitely be something like this.

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