10 things about me -Austin

I was born in 2004 aug 5 in moose jaw I’ve lived here my whole life It isn’t the nicest city but Its home.

I’ve gone to three different schools, in elementary school I went to palliser heights in high school I went to both central and peacock.

Im a good artist and a decent musition

I like heavy metal, rock and rap

Im a gamer my favourite games are overwatch, killing floor 2 and left 4 dead 1 and 2

My favourite you tubers are rusty cage, PewDiePie, CallMeCarson, Twomad, TheRussianBadger and tuxbird.

My favourite bands are demon hunter and slipknot

Im also a good story writer story wise spelling wise not so much

My favourite shows/movies are breaking bad, one punch man, Z nation, the watchmen, endgame, ready player one, leather face, batman the killing joke and the dark knight

I like horror movies, storys and shows.

my drawing I use it for profile pictures

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