Peach in 10+

  1. I love all types of music. (No exceptions.) I believe music is the true international communicator.
  2. I believe in multiple levels of consciousness, and I embrace spiritual connection.
  3. I try to be friends with a variety of people because I love seeing from different perspectives.
  4. I really connect to the numbers 4 and 8. 6 too, but not as much. The main reason is my birthday; 08/04/04.
  5. The ladybug has been my spirit animal since birth. Ladybug was technically my first word, too. (My word for ladybug has always been buba.)
  6. I’m a people-person, but I don’t really like crowds. Maybe that just makes me a person-person.
  7. I don’t really like giving my opinion, because I try to be unbiased on most subjects.
  8. I don’t like closed-minded people, but I’ll always find worth in spending my time on them.
  9. I’m trying to get better at lucid dreaming
  10. My favourite colour is red, because it’s the colour everyone starts with.

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