Where I belong

Being honest, I never really think about where I belong, and when I do, I go into deep thought.

I feel that I have a sense of belonging at home. It’s where I feel the most comfortable. I’m surrounded by my supportive family, and I overall just feel content and happy.

School on the other hand, I never really think of myself having a sense of belonging there. If I want to, I can make improvements on finding that sense of belonging. But for now, I just feel that I’m on the side of the road.

I like to think of my sense of belonging in places like levels. The higher the level the more I feel like I belong in those exact places. At my home, I am high up in the levels, I feel great to belong there and I’m sure my siblings feel the same way. School? Not so high. I would say I’m in the low to middle levels. I’m not quite feeling that sense of belonging yet.

Overall I understand what belonging means. To me it means feeling important and being a part of a place. It also means feeling accepted, and connected.

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Hey! i understand how it feels to not be comfortable in school.
I have never really felt accepted, but I think about it as a workplace or a prison haha. I go there for school and to graduate and i get to be me whoever likes it or not. I mean you really have to find yourself is what I’m saying and go through the motions and if you have friends who accept and love you hold onto them and if people don’t like you for you? Then who cares? Chances are you’ll feel so much better if you just turn a blind eye to the people who don’t matter in your life and spend your time cherishing those who do.

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