A glimpse into my life

I like roses. Only the red one’s. My favorite food is corn, I prefer it frozen.

I am very quiet. I know how to play the flute, I practiced with a bottle. Only work’s on a flute.

The most important people to me are my dad, my baby boy and my boyfriend. My dad is the most hard working person I have ever met. My baby is the most determined person I have ever met and my boyfriend is the most loving person I ever met. I don’t know what I would do without them.

“You’ll never get free.” (Grandson) Nobody is really free.

I am respectful. I am really shy around new people. I am understanding and I am independent.

I love singing.

I am head over heels about writing.

My baby is the most happiest person I ever met.

Last year, me and my boyfriend decided to have a baby. It took awhile for me to get pregnant, we started to lose hope but finally, I got pregnant. I moved to Moose Jaw only being a few months pregnant. I went into labour on June.22\2019. I was only in the delivery room for two hours then finally at 5:20 a.m, he was born.

I love horror movies.

I love romance. I have bad social skills. I love to make others smile. I love listening to others problems and I am in love with the idea of love.

By July 2022, I hope to finish high school.


yes, i believe that everyone should have life goals they want to accomplish if they want to have a good job and a nice house and stuff like that. goal setting is great cause you have an idea of how you want your future to be.

what made me have a baby? well i have a 3 year old sister, when she was 11 month’s, i was so in love with her and ever since then i wanted a baby of my own and who doesn’t want a baby right? their so cute and they won’t ever hurt your feeling’s well when their older they might but right now its easy. you might want to wait til your a bit older though, kinda tough going to school with a 3 month old.

You seem quite amazing, and I’m very happy for you that have these amazing people in your life. I hope you get all that you dreamed of, because it seems like you deserve the world. 🙂

awe wow, you are very sweet. everyone deserves the world, no matter what they have done in life, bad or good. everyone deserves to be happy and live long enough to reach their goals and dreams. I wish i knew who you where, you seem like you would be a very amazing friend or a very supportive best friends. Whoever you are friends with, they are lucky to have such a positive person in their life and they should hold on to you because its rare that you meet people that are caring, supportive and positive like you.

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